Step #1 - Choose a template:

Step #2 - Edit Gantt chart:

The Gantt chart offers simple editing functionality to quickly put together a pretty plan. The most useful feature for speed and convenience is the dragging around of bars on the Gantt chart itself.

Step #3 - Edit Tasks, Excel-style:

For even faster editing of tasks, we recommend opening the Task Breakdown on in a second browser window or even on a second monitor. The excel-like experience is built to allow fast mass editing of tasks.

Step #4 - Hit "Save" button & "Share my fiddle":

Both the Gantt chart as well as the Task Breakdown come with their ribbon toolbars at the top. Your toolbar consists of these overall sections for your convenience:
  • File: Finding a template to start from, opening recently worked on fiddles, saving the current fiddle or just starting from a new one all is done via this section. Any "Save" will increase the version of your fiddle to ensure that each version remains unchanged and previously shared links still work.
  • View: Options to modify the experience you have on your current editor. The Task Breakdown currently only offers a Tour Guide and the option to open the Gantt chart editor in a second window, more to come in the future.
  • Edit: Undo and Redo, the most useful features ever invented on Software as well as the option to just clear everything away and start over, both from scratch or the last saved version.
  • Version: Any press of the "Save" button stores your local edits for you to share with others or come back to later. Next & Previous allow you to navigate through all your saved versions. Additionally it is possible to copy to a new fiddle, starting again from version 0.
  • Export: Any export options we can offer, i.e. Task Breakdown to Excel or into your Jira instance and Gantt chart to an image.

The "Share my Fiddle" button allows to easily share your saved fiddle of the current version with whoever you desire, via Email, Twitter or LinkedIn currently. More to come later.

You've just planned a project. Now enjoy a nice relaxing tea :)